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I guide regular people through vivid personal and professional growth using touch, dialogue, and deeply delightful meowist ways.

Lauren Lau  The Meowist

Meow!  I'm Lauren Lau.  I practice Chinese medicine in an uncommon way.


There's a big difference between modern-style Chinese medicine -- designed to imitate the Western medical paradigm -- and "classical"-style Chinese medicine.  I'm a throwback.


My private practice honors the legacy of ancient sages who synchronized their lifestyles and diets with the changing seasons and natural cycles.  Correspondingly, one of my (unusual) offerings is acupuncture based on Chinese Astrology.  << read Timely Acupuncture for details >> 

These sages were following the way of dao, or tao.


They encouraged the cultivation of personal integrity as the means to supercede the accumulation of burdens that affect the body, mind, and spirit. 


Branches of daoist practice that contribute the the cultivation of personal integrity include yi yao (Chinese medicine/acupuncture/herbal remedy/nutrition) as service, feng shui (geomancy), qigong (cultivation of personal energy), "daoist hygiene" (meditation, food, and fasting), fu kua (i ching), lyou yen or chi men (energy linkage with The Field to affect circumstances), and transmittive states of being such as wu xing shi yao (the-medicine-without-form).

I've adopted daoist practices into my regular habits for over a dozen years -- enough to make me very, very daoish.


Wait, did I say very, very meowish?  Nope.  I said daoish.  However, I'm meowish, too, and that's without having to put in much effort at all.

I confess that meows came before daos.  Kitties pounced before daoish living and daoish medicine flowed in.  I didn't know anything about meowishness before this.  I was a young adult, then.

Thus, I soaked up the way of felinity.  It happened through a happy immersion.  Kitties are life!  Yayyy, cats!! 


Here's a fair warning to those who have yet to meet me:  I learned my adult social skills from my cat.  I cat more often than not.  Meow.  Headbutt.  Purrrr.  Bring me treats.  Oh look, food.  Om nom nom nom.  Naaaaaap.


Meowism and daoism have progressively intertwined into a purr-tastic, purrrific, wonderful way of life.  I don't know how I could untangle this yarny ball of amewsment (if I ever wanted to try and that doesn't seem fun at all).

Beyond my cat, my cast of influences have been:

Thea Elijah, LAc ( perennialmedicine.com )

Mary Stewart, LAc ( berkeleyacupunctureproject.com )

Virginia Doran, LAc ( luminousbeauty.com )

Carl Buccheit ( nlpmarin.com )

Michelle Masters ( michellemastersnlp.com )

and Hua Ching Ni ( collegeoftao.org/about.html )

The way of dao is the way of meow.

Daoist Meowist