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Chinese Astrology acupuncture

Feel rested, centered, and ready live in the meowment!

Lauren Lau  The Meowist

You're always at the cusp of now and then.  A Timely Acupuncture session is a surrender to your best self through the power of resonance medicine.  We tap into old, wise medicine.  That medicine unleashes your potential now.


Timely Acupuncture is a distinctive, original offering by Lauren Lau.  Restorative.  Therapeutic.  Meowist.


A Timely Acupuncture session combines skillful observation with practical calculations to determine the specific, limited set of acupuncture points that are most useful for you AT THE MOMENT OF TREATMENT -- rather than a miscellaneous protocol of points whose purpose is to relieve your story, whether past or projective.

It presupposes that observable, physical attributes reveal the state of your body, its interacting systems, and the state of your mind's connection with it.  It evaluates observed qualities in your tongue and pulse, your comportment and complexion, and your eye luster and voice, among other criteria.


It involves the time of day (and season of year) in consideration of ancient sacred cycles, namely Ling Gui Ba Fa, Zi Wu Liu Zhu, and Na Zi Fa. It applies their fastidious principles to compute therapeutic gateways (acupuncture points) for the present moment.

It presupposes that your body and/or psyche will recognize the clarion call of physical and emotional integrity when provided with a bearing that is deliberate and brilliant.  


This bearing springs from the steady truth of here and now.  You may resist it.  You may move toward it.  Neither is good nor bad.  The importance lies in being reminded of what is possible, and finding orientation to bear.

The Timely Acupuncture session distills messages of health and wholeness into a minimal elegance of points so that the message elicited by each needle can resonate constructively.  By using few needles, we evade the noise that arises from evoking many messages simultaneously.  The goals is stable saturation -- a carefully crafted, coherent message that supports just-the-right-amount of change for you meow.

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