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Sleeping Kitten

About Me(ow)

I work with my clients to support, repair, and unite their most important parts: 
physical health,
mental clarity,
emotional sovereignty,
and spiritual integrity.
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Lauren Lau  The Meowist


I practice Chinese medicine in an uncommon way. << read Daoist Meowist >>

But where have my pawprints been and what has led to meow?


I've spent a few nomadic years as a curious traveler.

My nomadic adventures have included living and working at a sheep ranch, a bison ranch, an organic farm, an apiary (honey bees), and a national park (as a ranger in Alaska, around BEARS).  I have met wonderful people from all strata of life, and they have enriched my mental landscape.


Diametrically, I have learned much about who and how I don't want to be from a cast of non-wonderful, abusive, and toxic people staged throughout my life, including family and managers.  I was raised by a Borderline mother (BPD)*, and in spite of that, I'm quite alive.

Taken together, my experiences have reinforced my connection to living with integrity in very varied circumstances and environments -- ranging from the most exploitative to the most primal to the most abusive to the most beautiful.  Even the most destructive and destabilizing influences have served to shape me.

My years of living consecutive seasons in land-based lifestyles has refined my ability to perceive natural and unnatural cycles and patterns.  This ability is an essential skill for any practitioner of a perennial medicine (aka traditional medicines or indigenous medicines).  After the experience of living in partnership with Earth's cycles, I find I'm better able to explore hidden depths intuitively, rather than analytically.  It's a subtle boost to aid the discovery of irregularity when working with individuals -- uncovering what's at the root of the thing that interrupts a person from being their best selves.

I have a lifelong preoccupation with 1) existence and 2) consciousness.


I'm very interested in the practices of indigenous medicines (of all world cultures).


I dedicate time to cultivating my integrity, clarity, alignment, and qi.

I apply daoist wu xing shi yao, or the medicine without form, in my work with clients and in everyday life.

In my spare time, I dance (a lot), enjoy cuddles with my kitty, and bask in sunshine.  I like tabletop games!  My faves include Dice Forge, Dominion, and Cat Lady.  I lurrrrv AlphaBear 2.


I have a BA in 1) Physics and 2) Cognitive & Brain Sciences from the University of California at Berkeley.

BEHOLD!!  My kitty!!!!







  • 2009 - licensed acupuncturist (LAc)(California) and DiplOM (NCCAOM)

  • 2006 - began work with both humans and animals (PetQi) as medicinal qigong and chi nei tsang practitioner

  • 2005 - introduced to the practice of wu xing shi yao (the-medicine-without-form) and daoishness

  • 2002 - introduced to kitties and meowishness


*Borderline personalities are destructive storms causing terror, shame, and instability.  Sadly, scant resources are available to reduce the personal suffering caused by them. 


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