I help your favorite animals re-find their carefree best!


Lauren Lau  The Meowist

Pets are the best!  Arrange a home session of medicinal qigong (energy therapy) for your favorite animals.

When you interact and spend time with animals and young children, you realize that they respond to something internal in you -- the attitude and stance of your hidden self.  They process essence and integrity more efficiently than they process story.  As we each mature in our respective civilization, we are (mostly) taught to value the latter quality.  But, animals and young children know the true-ness of things, and they exist to witness us everywhere.


Sometimes animals (and plants) take qi that are not their own and need help to detoxify.  A PetQi session gently restores coherence and integrity to your pet's nervous system and organs, so they can be pawsome!  We are all best at being ourselves.  Your pet should be themself, not their hooman.

A separate offering of daoist-meowist influence, aka Petstellations, is available for troubled animals.


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