The Meowist Thing is a skillful concoction of deft daoist ways to smooth your ruffled nervous system. Altogether, it includes:

daoist massage







happiness coaching


The Meowist Thing

Lauren Lau  The Meowist

The way of meow is the way of dao.


In working together with you, I find ways to skillfully craft the purrfect meowist session so you end up feeling rested where you were weary, centered where you were distracted, and ready to pounce on any challenge to cross your path during your meowvelous day.


If you've been padding along on cat naps rather than sleep, if you're overdue to decompress from the stress of bringing home the kibbles, if you're tired and ragged and just not a happy kitty, you will pawsitively reset your body's systems under the The Meowist's care. 

Let your cursor be the whippy dot of a laser pointer that you follow to learn about the mix of modalities that makes up The Meowist Thing:






daoist bodywork

chi nei tsang & tui na massage

To digest emotional and residual trauma retained in your nervous system, organs, and connective tissue. To detoxify.


resilience medicine

To influence your body's ability to heal itself. To encourage balance and integrity. To unite your body, psyche, and self.

meowist coaching

happiness by design

To adjust the unhelpful instincts & real-world reactions rooted in your subconscious mind. To be your best and happiest self.




Do you think you might need digital detox?  What kind of kitty immerses themselves in sensory overload?  Calibrate your aplomb.  We can ground out some excess in a regular digital detox session, and we make a plan for you to manage the day-to-day rest.  The Meowist Thing is great for digital detox.

the private practice of Lauren Lau The Meowist


2501 Harrison Street

Oakland, CA 94612


Wed, Thurs, & Sat mornings

Tues, Wed, & Fri afternoons &/or evenings

Other times not listed : gladly by arrangement

(I love early morning -- very happy to accomodate!)

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