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Get ready to cat.
Meowist Qigong

Lauren Lau  The Meowist

Qigong is for anycat, of any age, in any physical condition and any mental state.  The benefits of a regular qigong practice include inner focus, emotional resilience, refined body awareness, supple joints, improved health/sleep/digestion/immunity, and comprehensive integrity.


The term is made up of two Chinese words: QI (or CHI) = lifeforce energy and GONG = cultivation or mastery.  It describes a broad range of Chinese exercises that connect the body and the mind.  Qigong’s applied range extends from passively seated meditation to moderate sets of no/low-impact movements to vigorous martial arts activity.  


The Meowist's qigong class resides within the realm of gentle mobility and meditation (mostly lie-down guided meditations).  We employ guided intention, smooth movements, and directed breathing to cultivate your qi


You move mindfully and you get to know yourself better.  You breathe fully, shed tension, and give yourself some simple tools to reveal your best self.


The basic premise of Chinese medicine is “You can be you, or you can be ill.”  We may all be equal, but we are not equivalent.  An important aspect of Meowist qigong is teasing out what's not you in your body's habits, paying attention to who's not you in your thoughts and aspirations, and noticing when's not you (so, it's time for an update!) in your reactive patterns.

As with yi yao, or Chinese medicine, qigong's purpose is to support the integrity of your body, psyche, and spirit.  All of these levels of a person's being inform each other.

Yi yao (and its branches, including acupuncture) is resonance medicine.  Resonance medicine influences the body, mind, and spirit by being unwavering in its invitation to instill wholeness.  In the practice of acupuncture, a very cultivated practitioner doesn't need to use needles to transmit healthy, holographic resonance toward somekitty.  This is the consquence of the practitioner's dedicated personal cultivation -- their practice of qigong!

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