Wednesdays, 12:30 to 1:30PM, Kaiser Port yoga room

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Qigong Class at the Port Workspaces

with Lauren Lau

About Qigong Class

Qigong is for anyone, of any age, in any physical condition and any mental state.  The benefits of a regular qigong practice include inner focus, emotional resilience, refined body awareness, supple joints, improved health/sleep/digestion/immunity, and comprehensive integrity.


The term is made up of two Chinese words: QI (or CHI) = lifeforce energy and GONG = cultivation or mastery.  It describes a broad range of Chinese exercises that connect the body and the mind.  Qigong’s applied range extends from passively seated meditation to moderate sets of no/low-impact movements to vigorous martial arts activity.  


Our qigong class stays within the realm of gentle mobility.  We employ guided intention, smooth movements, and directed breathing to cultivate your qi.  Come move mindfully while you get to know yourself better.  You’ll breathe fully, shed tension, and give yourself some simple tools to reveal your best self.


The basic premise of Chinese medicine is “You can be you, or you can be ill.”  We may all be equal, but we are not equivalent.  Which will you be?

Check slack #kaiser the morning of class for updates and a preview of the class's focus.


Class follows the Tong Shu cycle of 24 qi nodes (approx 2 week cycles) throughout the year).  Unless otherwise noted, the second half of class will be a guided meditation shaped by the current qi node.  You are welcome to come for either half or the entire class.  The first week of the month will generally be an extended, hour-long meditation.

About Lauren Lau, LAc


Lauren Lau The Meowist specializes in daoist medicine to soothe the nervous system and encourage physical, emotional, and mental recovery from core traumas and daily distresses.  Become your best with daoist acupuncture, daoist massage, and happiness coaching guided by daoist wisdom.


Lauren has over 10 years of experience in practicing alternative medicines and psychospiritual counseling.  Her cultivated toolbox includes acupuncture, NLP change work (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), chi nei tsang (classical daoist internal organ massage), medicinal qigong (Chinese energy medicine), family & systemic constellations, and meowism.


Individual sessions are available at Lauren’s office near Whole Foods in Oakland.  Together, we support, repair, and unite your most important parts: physical health, mental clarity, emotional sovereignty, and spiritual integrity.

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This is a Port Workspaces members-only class.