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the ombudskitty purrspective:  The Ship's Cat

ombudskitty vision:

Sanctuary at work.

Ombuds Forward vision:

To instill ombudsy in the framework of every problem-solving organization.

ombudskitty is the purrific organizational ombuds resource.

Ombuds services include establishing and training your in-house Office of Ombuds (recruiting from your own staff), organizational outreach and education, consultant-based Office of Ombuds on retainer, informal workplace dispute and conflict resolution, ombudskitty "office hours." 

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Ombuds Forward provides Office of Ombuds services to down-ballot campaigns in the Humanity Forward movement.

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A campaign with unaddressed pain points does not thrive. We can change the course of the campaign's effectiveness by creating safe space for staff, volunteers, and leadership to share information about unmet needs in fast-paced conditions, unskillful management, cultural friction, hostile environments, and more. A candidate who is willing to invest in the organizational health of their active supporters and staff is a candidate worth fighting for.

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