Cat's Eye

How I Work,

or My Approach

I work with my clients to support, repair, and unite their most important parts: 
physical health,
mental clarity,
emotional sovereignty,
and spiritual integrity.

Lauren Lau  The Meowist

Coherence of character comes from the accumulation of each choice you make, including the ones that only you know about.

The purpose of my work with you -- whether with acupuncture, daoist massage (chi nei tsang & tui na), coaching, guided meditation, or qigong -- is to encourage coherency in your internal landscape.  That is -- your integrity, emotions, thoughts, and even subconscious murmurings.


The benefits consequently manifest in your physical body, your life, and your thriving. It manifests in your body's ability to be resilient.


This includes healing from injury, eliminating allergies, supporting pregnancy, promoting digestion, and managing pain to name a few things (in an unlimited range of things).

The way (this way) is a more classical and ancient approach to wellness and health, and diverges from the modern paradigm that routinely follows a script like: 'apply this procedure/point/herb/pharmaceutical/exercise to (reduce this symptom) or to (increase this function).' 

Pause and consider the following questions.  Do you believe that health and wellness (in the body, mind, and emotions) is the presence of vitality and thriving?  Would you rather believe that health and wellness is the absence of sickness and pain?


Notice whether you have some of both mindsets, and which one predominates.  Is this mindset the one that you want in charge of your experience of life?

I'm The Meowist, a daoishly meowish ship's cat who offers the invitation to transform your nervous system to transform your life (your ship).  Sometimes my methods involve dialogue, or touch, or acupuncture needles, or resonance, or some form of the-medicine-without-form.


I guide you to explore and discover what your unconscious mind and distracted body finds most painful in order to release it.  Your brain will thank you.  Your spinal cord will thank you.  Your nerves and organs will thank you.  Your physical body, your mind, and your emotional body will have a second chance.  So that you might thrive.

Lauren Lau ♥ The Meowist practices Chinese medicine in an uncommon way. << read Daoist Meowist >>