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Meow Meh Jing

The Book

The way of meow is the way of dao.

 The Meowist's

Meow Meh Jing


  1. I'll be jumping around chapters.  I'll also post continual improvements as I consult moar n moar translations of Dao De Jing (Tao Te Ching) from my collection.  Intermediate progress can be found on github.  Come by to talk and maybe contribute via git.

  2. Stay tuned for the grand kittering of LOLcat Meow Meh Jing.  I'll need your pictures to caption for that, guyz.  This will be community effort.  Even simply your submissions of high kwality pikchurs of your very own kitties (!!!) to the Meowsgiving (giveaway) inbox will help very, very meowch.  Plz halps.

  3. Eventually, we will compile a LOLcat yijing primer.  Yijing = Yi = I Ching.  Are you ready for LOLcat yijing?  It will cover basic hexagram intentions.  Purrfect for LOLcat yijing caption contests.

Lauren Lau ♥ The Meowist practices Chinese medicine in an uncommon way. << read Daoist Meowist >>


Check us out on github.

Trophy verses ("finished enough") will get posted to the Meowist github blog.