Lauren Lau The Meowist

Everyone holds stress in their nervous system. When it's discharged, notes of health and safety ripple across all levels of body, psyche, and self.


The Meowist Thing is a blend of daoist massage, acupuncture, and happiness coaching aimed to kick the butts of (dis)stress, pain, worry, and that unmentionable thing that's so terribly ruff.


I guide you into states of deep rest.

Always be ready to live well.

Pounce on your purrrpose!

About Me

I guide regular people through vivid personal and professional growth using touch, dialogue, and deeply delightful meowist ways.


Months and Quarters.

The daoist approach to Chinese medicine emphasizes attunement to seasonal transitions and waypoints.  ♥The Meowist offers special clinics during significant periods in the calendar to channel the power of time-based acupuncture.

These clinics occur in a community-style setting, where participants contribute to creating a sacred space.  The qi field compounds as we are together, and we collectively support change and the blossoming of unconditional potential.

SEASONAL EVENTS focus on solstices, equinoxes, and midway points, and how to self-care and prepare for cyclical shifts of energy throughout the year.


MONTHLY EVENTS focus on an organ and its daoist profile in the domains of body, mind, and spirit.

Upcoming Purrograms.

Winter to Sp(purr)ring.

Details to come.  

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Meow Meh Jing.

Bringing daoish-ness

to the age of teh internets.

Follow The Meowist's adventures interpreting the Meow Meh Jing (aka The Book of Meow).

The Yi.

The Book of Changes. But Cat Style.


Finding insights from the hexagrams of the yijing, aka i ching.

Confuddled kitty, are we?

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