Licking Cat

happiness coaching

Feel rested, centered, and ready to have happies meow!

Lauren Lau  The Meowist

How are you doing, kitty?

Think this:  You can feel like a satisfied, groomed kitty -- the kind of kitty who's ready to respond to the whims of the world with impeccable kitty dignity!  This is a kitty who naps at will and knows all the right whisker-ear-and-tail signals.  It's a kitty who easily takes their unexpected, silly derpy derps in stride, is confident with their standing in the clan, and both gives and receives a lot of meove.  All paws in!!!

I use my meows to lead you in a subtle language exploration that reveals the patterns of thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs you don't even know you have, but which underlie the experiences and activities of your everyday life.

Meowist happiness coaching introduces purrposefully-crafted interventions at the level of the nervous system.  I meowishly (and daoishly) engage your brain, your subconscious mind, and your instinctual triggers to affect your claw-hold on the-way-things-are and give you a scootch right over to sumthin-better.


Don't stay crunched in that ill-fitting but familiar box, kitty!  Here's a way for you to start to unfold and streeetttch into your best and happiest self.  A lot of cats unwittingly exhaust a cuddle-load of energy just by holding on to outdated mental patterns that clash with our most important values.  We could be using that energy for pouncing or playing or meowling a beautiful love song, but instead we get tired, we can't focus, and we just want to snuggle in a tightly curled-up ball under the covers.  I know, right?!?  Me, too!!!

Meowist happiness coaching is available as a stand-alone offering for cats who seek accelerated progress in their happies (dedicated 2 hour sessions) (a deal on package of 4).


It's also an integrated, though kit-sized, component of the more body-based Meowist Thing.  Happiness coaching is deftly fused into every interaction with The Meowist.