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Cats Knocking Things Over

Lauren Lau  Meowist Games


I like to play tabletop games.  Now, I design games!  My games, so far, are about cats.


Cats Knocking Things Over

I'm currently play-testing a card game called (tentatively) Cats Knocking Things Over.  The goal is to do cat things for the most number of points.


It's a light-hearted game meant for lots of laughs.  Haven't you always wanted to cat out with no real-world consequences?  Cats Knocking Things Over is super fun and is playable with kids, adult friends, or among mixed company.  Advanced rules allow you to focus on collecting points for specific subsets of cat things.


If you like this next part, the game is definitely for you: The winner must do an interpretive cat dance of their winning game (and a narrator may be requested to read out your storyline of cards so you can focus entirely on expressing your inner kitty).


Mmmmmany expansion packs are planned for this game!  Do you have the purrrfect idea for catting out?  Submit your idea by clicking here.  Great submissions will get a promotional card that's not in the game -- bcuz some cards are only unlocked by great feline minds!


mreddit is a game about cats winning fake internet points.  This game is in concept stage.


A game to get the most meows.  This game is in concept stage.