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Let's get you  rested, centered, and purrrfectly relaxed!


Lauren Lau  The Meowist


The Meowist's specialty is chi nei tsang, a daoist massage of abdominal viscera (your organs! inside you!).  It's not at all as awkwardly torturous as it might sound.  In fact, chi nei tsang feels pawsomely relaxing when done right.  It's more relaxing than watching a rumbly purrry cat knead its favorite blankie.

My style of practice pays special attention to fascia and interstitium (the so-called "new organ")  Together, these are the layered network of connective tissue and fluid that integratively supports your body and its systems (including organs!).  This means I can work at your belly or at your scalp to subsequently affect all sorts of things.  What, you exclaim?!?  That's right, kitty, it's not just feline superpowers that lets me target and relieve conditions that are nowhere near paw-strike of the areas that get the attention.


Chi nei tsang is a standalone therapeutic technique with the effective range of acupuncture or herbal remedy.  This means chi nei tsang can make a pawsitive difference in a super-wide range of conditions, including stress, arthritis, PTSD, back pain, substance addiction, menstrual disorders, reproductive conditions, and allergies.  My Meowist methods regulate and de-stress overloaded aspects of the endocrine, musculoskeletal, immune, nervous, circulatory, gastrointestinal, psychosomatic, reproductive, and/or emotional systems.  Ameowzing!


Chi nei tsang is especially good for supporting physical and emotional detoxification.  It affects more than your body (🎶 cue musical bugles 🎶).  It's not simply a mechanical modality nor just a physical massage.


This massage was developed during ancient times by daoist monks and used daily on the self as an essential "daoist hygiene practice."  In context, that means spiritual and mental hygiene, namely, for the purpose of maintaining the mental clarity, emotional stability, and comprehensive well-being that's necessary to sustain the highest levels of meditation over long periods.

Meowist chi nei tsang affects mixed body-mind-spirit systems.  I also incorporate tui na (another form of Chinese massage), medicinal qigong (Chinese energy therapy), acupuncture where appropriate, and happiness coaching.  Altogether, this comprises my main practice of The Meowist Thing.